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Dog/Pet Laws

Dog Laws:
The Libertarian party has an interesting analogy ” <insert libertarian candidate here> for Dog Catcher”. BRILLIANT, Truly. As one of the main taxes and controls on private citizens occurs at this level.

Local dog laws are an irritant, a waste of time for the town and citizen and an added “Tax” on private property. This fee is not levied on other pets nor livestock.

I have interviewed many people, animal control officers and veterinarians and none could give me a valid reason for this registration other than for rabies.
A number of constables and animal control officers have stated “so we know who has dogs” but none can tell me why this important.
Laws are on the books on the legal ramifications of dog bites for the victims and pet owners. Doctors and State/City health departments all “know the drill” for a dog bite.
-Owner contacted
-Rabies Cert produced for the animal
-Charges filed if needed against owner if negligent (criminal and/or civil action).

Penalizing dog owners with a yearly fee is an outrage at the local level and should be stopped.

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