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Obama’s Sept. 8th Speech/Schools

Insider letter:

Dear Colleagues,

The following is an alert from xxx.ORG regarding the upcoming address by the President to school children. I’m sharing this for your information.

Some State districts are hearing complaints from some citizens and parents and even threats that they may hold children home if a school is requiring students to participate. As you will see in the following message…one option may be to avoid a big controversy by down loading the presentation and store it for use in the future, and/or optional student viewing.

Interested in your thoughts, local issues and suggestions.

Be well, YYYYYYY


UNNAMED ORG has received inquiries from state execs and members regarding President Obama’s scheduled address to students on September 8. Bruce Hunter met with the White House staff and we are sharing the following with you.

School districts all over the country are being called by parents and community members voicing concern about President Obama’s address to students on September 8th. XXXXXXXX met with White House staff last week and they said the address would be entirely aimed at students (secondary more than elementary was his impression), urging them to study hard, stay in school graduate, be good citizens, and aspire to post secondary education – with no policy related message on any subject.  The staff told XXXX that the speech will reference web sites and materials that can provide instructional materials related to the need to work hard, have high aspirations, and graduate from high school.

XXXXX told staff that the audience may not be large because school is starting and other activities may be a priority over a presidential address.  An option for school districts is to watch the address live or on the White House web site and download it for later use if it is deemed appropriate.

If there is an organized campaign to shut down the President’s message no viewing will be acceptable.  On the other hand, at least one school district is getting a push from people saying the President’s address ought to be seen.

Sig Stripped out

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