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Police/Services Funding, Pay to Play

This  might apply to other town emergency services.\

I propose a basic set of emergency services by police for a town. A base patrol force for those emergencies that ARE emergencies. Everyone else gets a bill.

-Had a car accident? Pass your insurance card over, they need to pay the cops (they already pay for the ambulance) and heck, have the Fire Dept get paid as well.

– House fire? Same deal…pay up.

-Bill the criminal for the investigation.

-Call me for a civil issue (landlord/tenant dispute, non-criminal/mediation/parenting/handholding/grouphug stuff)you pay for the professional services that were given.




Comments from a reader:
As for the pay to play? I wonder if anyone would give me a tax credit for opting out? I’ve got a gun and a fire extinguisher and would be happy to be paid to play by myself! : )


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