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The DHS/Right Wing Profile Memo/Profiling

The Dread DHS memo:

re: right wingers, stickers on cars and other objects of evilness.

Ok guys, I hate to break it you. I have never gotten this memo. I saw it on a few web pages but cannot find a copy of it in ANY Police Dept that I work with, visit or interface with. In fact I know of no cops who have seen it.(other than online).

This leads us to profiling. Do I profile, yeah…sorta. The one profile I use is that of the Lawbreaker. No really. That is what I am looking for.

-I pull you over because your car is full of smoke, you are on the wrong side of the road weaving and hitting guardrails, other cars and buildings. Trust me, the “Legalize Hemp” sticker on your bumper has NOTHING to do with my arresting and citing you.
You are a DUI with an accident resulting.

-When I pull over a speeder doing double the limit in a school zone, I am NOT PROFILING nor homophobic becuase you have a rainbow sticker, you are SPEEDING, STUPID and Breaking the law.

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