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Vehicle Searches

Vehicle Searches

-Lungable Area: Given a crime/violation with a motor vehicle involved Police Officers can normally search the area that is
lungable/within arms reach of the driver.

-I can legally search a vehicle prior to legally searching it….huh?
Ok…say you get pulled over for a violation. Officer suspects something is amiss and potentially criminal in action.
Officer asks for permission to search vehicle. You refuse. Officer then seizes your vehicle in order to apply for a warrant.
(all this is normally daily work for an officer, read on for where it gets odd).

So the officer just seized your vehicle awaiting a warrant. At this point the officer is allowed to “inventory” your cars contents
to document what was in it (potentially stopping claims of theft out of the car by the officer).

-The law states the officer cannot search your vehicle without consent or warrant (barring the lungable area as mentioned)
-The law allows the officer to “inventory” your car without consent or warrant.

Contradictory? Yes. Confusing, YOU BET!

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