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Department of Motor Vehicles (ban them)

Department of Motor Vehicles.

Ahhh, DMV…long lines, yearly fee’s, more fee’s, then more. It never ends. Why is it that in some European countries one has a
plate that stays with the car and you get a tax stamp to display. In this day of computers and high tech data management
we should be able to pay a minor fee to register a vehicle to have it registered until you sell/trade/retire it. It costs a minor amount
to enter the data and it would stay on file until a change needs to be made. Yearly fee’s? EXTORTION.

Licensing….same deal. Unless you loose it for some violation why pay a fee every year or two to keep it. It’s entered with your photo and address. Again….extortion.

DMV’s in my state are giant bureaucratic nightmares that exist only to support themselves and serve no purpose except to get revenue from
citizens. Complain to your local representatives to pare down the fee’s and employee’s of these leviathans.

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